12 Days group tour

Central Iran

Attention to Landscape, art, culture and architecture

Persintravel offers you an unique programme. An adventorous roadtrip where the contrast of the country will be presented to you. We will travel from the dynamic capital city to the South of the country where you can see the dry scenery and the beautiful sights. Accordingly we will travel to the North where you will be astonished by all the green landscapes and beautiful villages. The programme includes visits to traditional houses, bath houses, mosques, villages and a lot more. However, what makes this program so special is the contact with the local people.

We find it important that you will be able to experience the true Iran and what better way to do this than through the ambiance, the delicious local food and the contact with the locals. You will discover a whole different world. And all of this with tourguides that speak Dutch, English and Farsi and are 24/7 available for your questions. Quality and your personal wishes are very important to us thus we will do our very best to offer you an unforgetable trip.

We offer three packages. You can choose between packages of ten, twelve and fourteen days. When you choose for the ten or twelve days packages you will stop with the excursion on the selected day and go home early. However, we advise you to take the full package in order to see the contrast of the country. As Iran is a very big country it takes the necessary amount of time to get the right impression of its beauty.  

12 Days


Kashan & Abyaneh

Meybod & Yazd

Shiraz & Izadkhast

Isfahan & Varzaneh

€ 2203,- p.p.

Students, Groups &
Booking before 1 March
€ 2060,- p.p.

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Student discount 10%

The package includes:

1x Reservation fee (worth € 20,-)
2x private airport transfers - hotel (worth € 75,-) 
9x Accommodation incl. breakfast (worth € 400,-)
9x Lunch incl. 1 drink p/l (worth € 90,-)
9x Dinner incl. 1 drink p/d (worth € 135,-)
30x Drinking water (worth € 15,-)
45x Entrees attractions, for example Perspolis (worth € 180,-)
1800 km Private-touringcar and driver  for whole trip (incl. air conditioned)
10d / 24u Dutch, English and Farsi-speaking guide

The package does not include:

1. International flight Iranair of KLM (return ticket from € 540,-)
2. Cancellation insurance (5% of the total price)
3. Travel insurance (world coverage)
4. Single room supplement (€ 40,- p/n if desired)
5. Visa (€ 60,-)
6. Tips (€ 20,-)
7. Personal expenses

Group discount 10%

(from 2 persons)

Program in detail

(4x city visits and 2x village visits)


1. Negarestan garden
2. Natuurbridge
3. Bam-e Tehran (mountain)
4. Darband (mountain)
5. Niavaran palace complex
6. Golestan palace complex
7. Bazaar
8. National museum
9. Carpet museum
10. Jewelry museum


11. Ehsan guesthouse
12. Agha bozorg mosque
13. Bazaar
14. Fin Garden
15. Boroujerdi house
16. Abbasi house
17. Tabatabaei house
18. Sultan Amir Ahmad (bathhouse)
19. Abyaneh (village)
20. Meybod (village)


21. Silk Road Hotel (traditional house)
22. Narin castle
23. Caravanserai
24. Ice house
25. Pigeons House
26. Lunch Moshir gardens
27. Alexander’s prison
28. Zoroastrian Towers of Silence
29. House of eternal fire
30. Dolat Abad Garden
31. House of strength Zurkhaneh
32. Fahadan (district)
33. Amir Chakhmagh (square)
34. Jame mosque


35. Perspolis (citadel)
36. Necropolis (tombe)
37. Pasargade (tombe)
38. Vakil mosque
39. Vakil bazaar
40. Citadel of Karim Khan
41. Tombe of Hafez
42. Tombe of Saadi
43. Tombe of Darius
44. Eram Garden
45. Nasir al Molk mosque

You Can Sing Up From Anywhere In The World

Departure Dates

14 July until 23 July 2017

29 Juli until 07 August 2017

What you need to know


Finances in the Netherlands:
When you decide to come along we ask you to pay € 300,- euros. deposit and to pay the rest of the amount four weeks before departure. 

Finances in Iran:

The official currency is Rial. The prices are indicated with Rial but orally stated as Thoman. This is the Rial divided by ten. For example 100.000 Rial is 10.000 Thoman.
Please note that it is not possible to pay by pin in Iran. Creditcards are also not accepted in most cities. If you want to bring extra money for yourself make sure it is cash. We advise you to bring € 50,- euro or dollar bills in order to easily change them. 


You can use the phones in all of the hotels. Calling with your mobile phone is also possible. While traveling through the cities you may experience a weaker signal than normal. If you wish to use your mobile phone during your stay we would advise you to retrieve information on the possibilities and the expenses with your provider. In most of the hotels there is free wifi.


For this excursion we will introduce a tipbox where we will put in a couple of euros a day per person. The tourguides will pay all the tips from this box so you will not be bothered with this during the trip.

 Taking pictures

Do ask for permission in case you would want to take pictures of the locals. It is prohibited to take pictures of government buildings, military buildings and the military.

 Number of participants

The groupsexcursion will consist of a minimum of seven and a maximum of sixteen participants.


The excursions and the hotels are subject to changes.


During our trip we will travel with very comfortable private busses. The busses are air-conditioned and contain enough legroom and luggage space. The busdrivers are very well experienced and know the roads like no other. The busses will be 24 hours at our service and we will drive for around eight to ten hours a day. The busses will not drive in the evenings and during the night.


In order to get a better taste of the Persian culture, Persintravel has chosen to stay in local and small scale hotel with a history. Most of the hotels that we have chosen are old generationhouses that have been transformed to hotels. All of the hotels are three-star or more.During our stop in Isfahan we will stay in a hotel with an indoor pool.

 Travelingdocuments and visa

For travelling to Iran you will need a passport that is valid for at least six months after your return date. Your passport needs to have three clear pages and should not contain a stamp of Israel. You need to request a visa for Iran. The required visa is the entry visa. There are different ways to acquire this visa. One way is to fill in the visaform and go to the Iranian embassy situated in the Hague. You can also acquire your visa via the visa service in Amsterdam. Another way is to get your visa on the airport in Iran upon arrival. The costst will be approximately € 60,- euros. You can also let Persintravel do the visa application for you. The additional costs will be € 25,- euros.

Option 1
Iraanse ambassade
Adres: Duinweg 20 Denhaag 2585 JX
E-mail: info@iranianembassy.nl 

Option 2
Visumcervice in Amsterdam (Visumcentrale)
Website: Visum

Option 3
Arrival in Iran
Adres: Imam Khomeini luchthaven in Teheran

Option 4
By Persintravel
E-mail: contact@persintravel.com

Option 5
Website: E-VISA

 Flight tickets

The flight tickets are excluded from the excursion that we offer. However, there is a possibility to let Persintravel do the reservations for you. We do not charge extra for this service. You can choose to fly directly to Iran with KLM or IranAir. When you make your reservations ahead of time (at least four months in advance) you will pay approximately
€ 550,- euros for a direct flight. A direct flight will take about seven hours. Another option is to fly via Turkey. The flight duration and the costs vary from time to time. For the exact prices we recommend you to look at the websites of the airlines.


 Tips to take along

- Programbook Persintravel
- A copy of your passport
- A copy of your travel insurance
- Your Medicines (if used)
- A copy of your medication list
- Enough cash money for your personal spendings
- Little backpack
- Alarm clock
- World plugs
- Good walking shoes ( sneakers and/ or sandals)
- Sunglasses, cap or hat
- Sunscreen
- Light clothes (thin material)
- Mosquito repellent
- Swimsuit
- Flip flops
- Scarf, shawl (mandatory for women)
- Sweater / vest
- Camera
- No alcohol ( Alcohol is strictly prohibited)

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