12 Days individual trip through central Iran

Landscape, culture, history and architecture

You want to explore the beautiful Iran by yourself? Iran is a very hospitable country and travelling by yourself is perfectly fine. But the country is not used to that many tourists yet and therefore it is difficult to prepare and book things yourself if you don’t know the language, when you lack contacts and when you don’t own an Iranian bank card. We want to help you with that. We will make a package in which, depending on your needs, we include transport, hotels, entrée to museums and a guide. Please contact us for more information. Here you will find the information of our group tour. You can follow this route, but if you have specific places you want to add we will make a special route for you.

12 Days tour

  Individual trip through central Iran

9 x City and Village

Next to our group tours we offer individual trips. Based on our existing route along the highlights of Yazd, Shiraz and Isfahan we will give you a custom-made package.










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   This package includes

   1 x International flight Iranair of KLM (return ticket)
   1 x Dutch, English and Farsi-speaking guide for the whole trip
   1 x Private-touringcar and driver for the whole trip (incl. airco)
   2 x Private airport transfers - hotel
   11 x Accommodation incl. breakfast (double room)
   58 x Entrance fees
   1 x Reservation fee
   11 x Dinner incl. 1 drink p/d
   11 x Lunch incl. 1 drink
   36 x Drinking water
   1 x Tips
   1 x Information night

   This package does not include

   Visa (€ 60,-)
   Single room supplement (€ 40,- per night if desired)
   Personal expenses

City’s we are going to visit

This is all included in this tour


Our journey begins in the young and lively city capital of Iran: Tehran. Here we will visit some musea, among which are the carpet museum and the national museum. We will see the famous palaces of Golestan, Read more 

multiple parks and the iconic nature bridge. In the evening we will go to Darband. Along a small river you will walk up into the mountains and the lights at the cafes and restaurants will make you as if you are in a fairy tale. To sum it up: the first days in Iran will be a mix of city, culture, nature and good food. 


Since 2017 this desert town is on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and the architecture is traditional for Persia. It is also the centre of the zoroastrianism, the original religion Read more

of this region, which is now a minority. We will visit multiple tempels, the Ateshkadeh and the Towers of Silence. Other remarkable constructions are the Alexander’s Prison and the Amir Chakmagh mosque and there is the possibility to be introduced to pahlevani, a traditional form of martial arts. Yazd is also an ideal city to buy a carpet or some other traditional souvenirs.


Our last stop of this amazing round trip is one day and night in the desert. Here you can enjoy the calmness, you can walk along the sand dunes and gaze and the endless views. People who like sunrises should definitely Read more

put their alarms early! After this great last day we will drive back to Tehran to catch our flight back home.  


After Tehran we will travel to the south, to Kashan. Here you will see everything you expect of a Persian city. We will visit the Agha Bozorg mosque, known as one of the most beautiful Islamic constructions of the Read more

19th century. Another good example of the traditional architecture is the Abbasi house, a historical residential building where different families lived together, with a courtyard and beautiful ceilings that are decorated with mirrors. We will also visit the Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse and the bazar. We will rest in the park and go for a picnic in the mountains. 

Shiraz – Perspolis

We continue our trip further south to the city of Shiraz, which was the hometown of the poets Saadi and Hafez. The city originates from the Zand dynasty and the Vakil mosque and Karim Khan Castle are from that era. Read more 

We will visit the Nasir al-Mulk mosque, which is known as the pink mosque because of its beautiful light. From Shiraz we will go to Persepolis, where King Darius the Great once built his palace. Eventually the complex was destroyed by Alexander the Great, but some parts remained. It now forms a unique piece of history of the 5th century B.C. 


At the foot of the Karkas mountains is the little, picturesque village Abyaneh. It is called the red village, because of its houses that are made from red soil. Together with the wooden balconies they form a very Read more

At the foot of the Karkas mountains is the little, picturesque village Abyaneh. It is called the red village, because of its houses that are made from red soil. Together with the wooden balconies they form a very characteristic place. The village has only a few hundred inhabitants and they will show you how the traditional life in Iran looks.


This historical complex with a castle, caravanserai and a Safavid bridge has a unique architectural style and building materials. Once it was a place where several emperors reigned, now the complex Read more

including many of the surrounding houses, is abandoned and because of this the place has a special atmosphere that you do not want to miss. 


Meybod is an old desert city and the capital of Iran during the Mozaffarid period. Many poets, clergymen and politicians are born and raised here. We will visit the Narin castle, which is one of the oldest of the country.


Because of Sjah Abbas I Isfahan is one of the most important historical cities in Iran. Although the city was already very old, he decided to make it the capital. And a capital needs the best palace, multiple beautiful mosques, Read more

among which the Sjeik Luftfallah mosque and a giant square, which is called Meidan Emam. It is 560 meters long and 160 meters broad and at that time the biggest square in the world. In the 16th century many countries trades their goods here. The Persians also called this square ‘half of the world’. The square and its building surrounding it are UNESCO world heritage. We will surely visit the bazar. Another interesting building is the Armenian Vank cathedral. It is a remnant from the time that Sjah Abbas took Armenian families from Julfa to Isfahan for its silk trade.  

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