About Us

From an excursion with friends to the creation of an
exclusive travel organization providing excursions to the ancient Iran

Our Story

In 2014 Ashkan went on a trip to Iran with a group of friends to show them his country. He gave his friends a tour of a few days and they found Iran to be on of the most exquisite countries they had visited. These positive and overwhelming reactions made Ashkan decide to share this experience with more people.  He wanted to deminish the gap between Europe and Iran by giving people the opportunity to experience the true Iran and its rich culture. That is how Persintravel was created. A travel organization that provides you with the opportunity to travel to this ancient country and discover its beauty through culture, architecture, landscape, food, ambiance, and interaction with the locals. Persintravel’s goal is to create a bridge between the curious westerner and the 

very  hospitable population of Iran. You will be amazed by the hospitality in Iran. What makes Persintravel stand out is the fact that you will travel with tourguides that are born in Iran and raised in the Netherlands and therefore have great knowledge of both cultures. The guides speak Farsi, Dutch and English, making the communication during the trip very easy for you. Also, Persintravel collaborates with the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. After witnessing the succes of Persintravel, the Academy decided to grant its students extra studypoints when they go on this unique trip. Lastly, Persintravel differs itself by offering an all inclusive program at very concurring prices.

Ashkan Hashemkhani

Founder, Organizer and Tourgide

Ashkan is the founder of Persintravel. Although traveling trough Iran and showing his country to foreigners is very satisfying, his passion lies with architecture. He is a graduating architect from the Academy of Architect in Amsterdam. Ashkan is born in Iran and has finished his elementary school there. At the age of eleven he moved to the Netherlands along with his family and has been living in Utrecht since. He has great knowledge of both cultures and speaks Dutch, English and Farsi. Ashkan has more than three years experience in travelling with large groups and has good knowledge of the sights that you will visit during the trip. Due to his architectural background he is able to provide you with a different point of view in regards to the very beautiful sights in Iran.

Abbas Bairam


Abbas is our busdriver. He lives in Iran and has more than seven years experience in travelling with touringcars. He knows Iran very well and is working for Persintravel for two years now. Also, he just became a father to his beautiful son.

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