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New website including new road trips online

We worked hard for it and finally our new website is online! Persintravel does not only have a new look, also our content and what we offer has got a big upgrade. Last years Persintravel organised one journey every year, a road trip through central Iran with a small detour to the green and hilly north. Ashkan travelled around some summers with different groups of people and his passion to show other people his country only grew more and more. Now that he is almost graduated, he will have more time to focus on Persintravel. Coming time Persintravel as an organisation has the ambition to grow and the expectations look very good.

What’s new?
To show our travellers even more of the beautiful Persia, we took a closer look at our packages and made some upgrades here and there.

Our group tours are now separated into 12, 14 and 28 days tours.
- Our 12 days group tour goes through central Iran and lets you see the main highlights of the ancient Persia.
- Because we think the history and landscape of the north is so beautiful and unique, we made a separate 14 days group tour.
- Do you want the full experience? Choose for a combination of these two tours and book our 28 days group tour.

Next to this, we will also like to help those who prefer to travel individually. Because Iran is a great country to explore on your own. The country gets more used to tourists, but still it can be hard to find certain information.
- Together with the travellers we can make a complete route, including transport and accommodations. You will travel without a guide and can choose your destinations and sights yourself.
- Also, in cooperation with local partners, we offer separate excursions. For the individual traveller who wants to go off the beaten tracks. Do you want to climb the Damavand? Spend the night in a desert? Or visit one of the islands in the south? We can arrange this for you.

By this complete offer, Persintravel shows that there is a way to explore Iran for every type of traveller. You can go together with us and our guides, but you can also go by yourself. You can always contact us with questions or special wishes.

And now? We think it’s time to book ;).

November 2017

Persintravel attends the tourist fair at Utrecht

textThere is a lot to do at the Vakantiebeurs and you can find information about the most beautiful trips and destinations. Discover amazing locations and get inspired, sample the tastiest culinary treats, let yourself be surprised by locals, dance, music and much more.

Februari 2017

Persintravel on Architectenweb

Iran has many treasuries with unique and old architecture. A journey to this country is a real catch for people who are interested in this. Use this opportunity for members of Architectenweb and BNA members to get a discount for our roundtrip in August 2017.

Januari 2017 - source: Architectenweb

Persintravel attends the tourist fair at Amsterdam

The fair brings two elements together. First, an outstanding infrastructure for DMC and other agents to talk on a business-to-business level with Dutch tour operators about agent cooperation. Second, a highly popular fair where visitors can meet one-on-one with you and book tours at your stand on a business-to-consumer level.  

December 2016

Collaboration with the Academy

Persintravel has a succesful collaboration with the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. The Academy finds the excursion informative and has thus decided to grant its student extra credits when they join the excursion. In 2015 Persintravel held a photographic exhibition of its summerexcursion in the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.

September 2015