Population: 1,1 million

Bushehr (or Bushire) also Romanized as Bandar Bushehr and Bandar-e Bushehr; previously known as Beh Ardasher is the capital city of Bushehr Province, Iran. Bushehr lies in a vast plain running along the coastal region on the Persian Gulf coast of south-western Iran, it is built near the ancient port city of Rishahr/Reshire (Sassanian, Riv Ardasher). It was the chief seaport of the country and is the administrative centre of its province. Its location is about 1,218 kilometres (757 mi) south of Tehran. The local climate is humid.Bushehr was the main trade center of Iran in the past centuries. The city structures are traditional in style, modest in proportion and cost.

Herra Jungle

  Is located in 5 km from Asaloye in Tay band Bayin national park of Tayband

This jungle are accounted as coasted biosphere reserves of south of country where embrace salt water plants, bottom live creatures and ocean migratory birds within their ecosystem. Herra is a type of mangrove plants belonged to salt water and live in shallow parts of sea. By tide the plant comes out of water and again it goes down to water up to a part of it’s height.

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These jungles also are seen in other parts of Persian Gulf such as Chabahar and Qeshm.

Faryab Waterfall

  Is located in 20 km from Tang erm in Ahrom Farashband in Faryab village

Height of this waterfall is 8m. There are old water mill beside this waterfall.

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Faryab village is one of the mountainous and green covered village and province and is capable for tourism applicants.

Khaeiz zone

  Is located in 15 km of Ahrom in Ahrom and Khormoj in 60 km of Boshehr

This region includes some villages with climates, so is visited by interested people as a recreational place of province beautiful springs in this region promote gardening and agricultural activities.

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There are gardens of pomogranade, citrous productive and palm in this village.

Gour Dokhtar

  Is located in 50 km of northeast of Borazjan in Borazjan and Kazeroon road in Tang Arm near Posht Par village

Oldness of this which is similar to great Kourosh tomb in pasargad returns back to sixth century B.C. at Achaemenid era. Tomb is consisted of 24 stone blocks where are connected by iron clamps. It’s not known that this tomb is burial location of who some experts assigned this to Kourosh who is second son of second Dariush and others believe this is belonged to kourosh's sister and another group of archeologists identified this monument to be Anahita temple.

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Althouth, this building has been repaired, but it’s protective conditions are not suitable and it’s protection is not observed. This relic was enlisted in Iran's national relics in 1376 S.H.

Ardeshir Koushk

  Is located in 50 km of northeast of Borazjan in Borazjan and Kazeroon road in Tang Arm near Posht Par village

Oldness of this mansion returns to Sassanian era. This structure by having a cross shaped form is very similar to Ardeshir palace in Firouzabad city and made of stone and mortar of lime and ash with sand sarooj a stone column is developed over it’s roof which is used for alert and making fire it’s probable that this place has been used at hunting season and high glory and splendor at it’s times.

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Beautiful natural scenes and mountain climate is another attractiveness of this mansion house.

Malek monument

  Is located in 8 km from Boshehr

This building was built at qajar for one of the wealthy people of city named Malekoltojar. Malekoltojar was an Iranian merchants who was born in Calcutta and hade a huge family wealth. After visiting Paris and seeing a palace in this city, he intended to build a large house in compliance with bushehr conditions for himself. This house has 4700 m2 area and was built at a plot of 24500 m2. This house is one of the art pieces of Iran's southern coasts.

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Mentioned building was registered in list of Iran's national relics in 1381 S.H. Although this historical relic of province is owned by cultural heritage organization of province, but some homeless people resided in it and since they are 60 household the organization can not make them to evacuate building and this resulted in gradual ruining of this relic. We hope with contributions of authorized organizations, this relic that only an assigned number to that is remained in list of national relics to be prevented from complete ruin.

Bushehr old tissue of city

  Is located in north of Boshehr

Although Bushehr has a long history, but its peak of splendor was at Qajar era, old tissue of city has one to four storey building where exhibits interesting sample of coast of Persian Gulf's architecture compatibility with difficult conditions in Bushehr with high temperature which sometimes goes up to 52 c and level. Of humidity around 90 percent reminds that traditional architectures in a very intelligence approach by very primary utilities but bright understanding about nature and life in this region make living possible.

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Four main quarters of old tissue are located in such state that are surrounded with new city tissue where named Dehdashti, Kouti, Behbahani and Shanbodi. These quarters often are named after relatives who reside in them.

Helleh Swamp

  Is located in 20 km northeast of Boshehr in Boshehr and Sheif in Kare band

Area of this swamp is 20 thousands hectare and it’s water is fresh. This swamp is created naturally in 1342 S.H. after Helleh River over flowing and since then is known as helleh protected region and enlisted in the four regions of Iran's environment. Area of this protected regions is more than 42 thousands hectare where 20 hectares are occupied by swamp.

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This swamp is located at intersection of Dalaki Shapour rivers and there are reed bed cover around swamp where is habitat of thousands migrating birds such as crane, heron, gachirow, swallow, Terrni, Hammami, duck, seven color, francolin and khardale. This region is also habitat of wild animals such as boar, jackal, fox and hare. Source of water in this region is Helleh River.

Bushehr Coastline


Bushehr province is one of the provinces which have 600 km coast line with Persian Gulf. Bushehr city also is a port having very beautiful beaches.

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The best season for visiting Bushehr is winter, early spring and late in autumn.

Kharg Island

  Is located in 60 km northwest of Boshehr in north east of Kharg Island

This island is registered relic in list of national natural relics in Iran's environment organization. A low attitude island without any resident. Sandly and coral having1843 Hectares area where is located at sea, so 30 km off coast line of Persian Gulf and same as khark island has military oil treatment facilities. Island is long and slim where it’s length is about 4 km and has a width of 800meters.

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The cape of island is like head of dolphin. Circumference of island is thoroughly ornamented with coral ledges. A fresh water well is in island. the most important animal in this region is gazelle which was brought to this island about 150 years ago and not withstanding human invasions and limiting natural factors such as drought, this species could adapt with island environment and survive in island. Distinct bird of this island is sea swallow. Main vegetations of this place are lote tree, prosopis, temple fig and different species of grassy plants.

Salt dome of Jashk

  Is located in 60 km of Khormoj in Khormoj and Bandar Deir after Kaki in 15 km near Gankhak village in 60 km from main road

Area of this multi colored salt dome is more than 3 hectares and the highest point of that is 1490m higher than sea level, this region embraces a geotourism phenomenon of Iran which is one of the most beautiful salt dome of country and includes salt flow salt fall, salt caverns, salt pit ice house type masses, hoodoo, salt crystals. Mentioned dome looks like a mountain which is covered by snow from far distance.

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This was registered as a natural and national relic and enlisted in natural relics of Iran environment organization. Unfortunately unless registration in national relics list, there is not any attempt to promote this place and developing infrastructure so as to make location worthy to travel implemented and no peculiar facilities are available around this place.

Mir Ahmaol hot spring

  Is located in 45 km fromBoshehr in Bushehr and Khormoj in Aali Housseini village

There are some hot springs in this region which are enlisted in sulfurous class of hot springs. One of the springs has high flux in it’s current and has also hydrotherapy facilities separate men and women spa. Water of this spring is effective in joint diseas and dermatology related treatments.

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Near this hot spring a tamp is located which is belonged to Imam grand grand son and is this village's attractiveness.

House of Rais Ali Delvari

  Is located in 45 km southeast of Boshehr in Delvar

Rais Ali was born in Delvar city and was a fighter who demonstrated high braveness against English invaders in south of Iran.

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His house currently changes to museum to keep memory of tangestan fighters alive in our minds.

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