Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

Population: 0,9 million

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is located in the southwestern part of Iran. Its capital is Shahr-e Kord.

Armand river

  This is one of the branches of Karoon river

A river full of rushing water where started to be a place of river tourism in 1385 S.H. this river is suitable for Kayak and rafting sports from elementary to professional levels. Strength of river's water current is so that tourism activities are only possible in company of expert quides. Rafting on rushing rivers is a branch of adventurous tourism which is only recently is prevalence in Iran.

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However, in this short period of time it was able to attract interested groups properly. This activity is possible for a wide range of diversified people and is happy and appealing pleasure. Chahr Mahal and Bakhtiari province because of Armand river's conditions is the best selected place for rafting.

Sardar Assad castle

  Is located in southeast of Jotaghan

This castle has been constructed by order of Ali Gholi Khan Sardar Assad in an plots of 14000 m2 to be his residence in 1318 A.H. design of building is rectangular and as derived it’s from under western architecture, has two storey where upper floor includes central parlour and around that is rooms. This castle had high beauty and glory at it’s splendor times where in course of times because of ignorance many ornamental parts of it demolished.

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This place because of beginning of constitution insurrection and assembly of Bakhtiari tribes in this point has very high importance in historical view. Bakhtiari tribes rising started from this place and lead to Tehran and Isfahan conquer.

Zaman Khan Bridge

  Is located in 22 km northeast of Sharekordin in 5 km of Saman on the Zayande roud river

This bridge has been constructed by order of Zaman Khan who was one of the Qashqaei tribe’s chief in Safavid era. Length of bridge is 30m and it’s height is 8m. It has two arches and is built on 3 stone foundation several materials such as stone, brick, gypsum mortar and ash and sand with lime mortar Sarooj are used in it’s construction this region is very significant because it’s temperate climate, beautiful views and plenty of orchards at sides of rive and regarding tourism is important where many travelers visit region.

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A river with strong flow and full of trout is center of province and local care which has good potential of tourism. There are facilities such as coffee shop, hotel and camping area around this bridge.

Khoda Rahm Khan castle

  Is located in 6 km of Chaleshtar village

This castle is constructed at 1323 A.H. and is a combination of European and Qajar architectures. This castle was center of Chahr mahali's rules at safvid era. The historical complex is consisted of stone portal, dais, harem, hammam, godowns and barns. Embellishments such as stone pillar stone plinth with carvings, ornamental brick work, cornice and wood art works are used. Harem named Sotoodeh castle and is built in two storeys.

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First floor has five rooms. It’s five door room and other side rooms are embellished with paintings, epigraphs of Quran's verses and cornice. Two oval shaped indoor pools are in common courtyard of both castles Sotoodeh castle is connected to Khodarahm Khan castle by a passage way. Chaleshtar historical castle's hammam is also had embellished by mosaics in torquase blue grayish white colors. Anthropology museum, stone relics museum and museum of work and life are included in this historical complex.

Chagha Khoor swamp

  Is located in 65 km from Shahrekord in Sharekord and Lordegan near to Beldachi

This region is accounted as summer points of province. Area of swamp is 2300 hectare and is one of the largest and most beautiful swamp in this province where it’s water maintains from precipitation and springs of it’s vinicity. Theswamp is a place for native and migrating birds. Amongst this swamp's birds it may point to duck, goose, drake, shelduck, coot, several species of herons, white strok, podicept, socotra, flamingo, prey birds, ibis, dark bird, plegadis, crane, plover, larus and lapwing.

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A species of fish called crap fish are available in this swamp. Access road to this location is asphalt and available facilities of potable water, rest rooms, green space, arbors, access to residential units and host places and parking lots are developed.

Constitutional epigraphs

  Is located in 5 km of Farsan and 37 km of Shahrekord in Dah Cheshmeh and Pire Ghar Park

Three epigraphs of 1334 S.H. have been carved on a stone slap at the foot of mountain, in this place. These epigraphs developed by order of three leaders of constitutional named Sadar Zaffer, second Sardar Assad and third Sardar Assaad in lithography style, where describe those days events and milestones. First epigraph is located up and at right hand side where beside it, the second on placed and third epigraph installed at lower part of those.

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In these epigraphs, facts about Bakhtiari tribe's campaigns within constitutional insurrection against Mohammad Ali Shah of Qajar dictatorship are stated in full details. These epigraphs, other than describing related events to Bakhtiari tribe's liberalism and their company with Isfahan's clergies also determine political approach of this part of courty at that era.

Atashgah waterfall

  Is located in 40 km of Lordegan 190 km of Sharekord in Lordegan and Talaye in Atashgah village

Water of this waterfall is originated from a spring where is near Atashgah village and after following 3 km through a strait enters Kharssan river which is one of the head branches of Karoun river. On this route, because of many natural ups and downs, several waterfalls have been developed where 7 of those are important. A green valley with jungle plants vegetation is one of the recreational places of province.

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Lordegan fire temple waterfall is one of the longest waterfalls of Iran where is also known as miniature waterfall. Atashgah village is an ancient village of Elams era. Unfortunately, this region has not any tourism facilities. Another problem in this region is construction of Kharssan 3 dam. After supplying dam with water, most parts of this route and two villages will be sunken.

Sar Agha Seyed village

  Is located in 45 northwest of Chelgard in 140 km from Sharekord

This village has multi level architecture similar to Masouleh and all houses are built of sun dried brick and mud and whole structure follow slope of mountain, village is completely concentrate with numerous built house which are near each other and has traditional culture and architecture. Residents of this village belong to Chahar Lang tribe of Bakhtiari and their clothes also are local traditional, also there are traditional culture.

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This large village has a population of about 3000 in summer time and because it’s located in a mountainous region with cold climate, thus it’s population is much lower in winter time. Downwards at foot of mountain is a tomb of Imam's son grandson where the name of this village is after the name of this religious figure.

Dimmeh spring

  Is located in Chelgard In Koohrang 985 km from Shahrekod in Dimeh village

Is located in Chelgard In Koohrang 985 km from Shahrekod in Dimeh village
A pond is developed beside this spring. This spring is main origin Point of Zayandehrood River before development of Koohrang tunnels. Water of this spring is one of the most wholesome waters in the world and has health caring features such as "preventing tooth decay and treatment of renal gravel.”

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Access road is asphalt and facilities such as potable water, restroom, green space, alcove, access to residential and host units, parking lots, camp platform, sport arena and children play ground are available in this beautiful and worth seeing place. Dimmeh spring is one of the worthy attractiveness of province and the best time to visit this place is spring and summer time.

Fritillaria plain

  Is located in 12 km from Chelgard near to Benvaski village 100 km from Sharekord

This attractiveness of Iran's nature life is enlisted as national natural relics of Iran's environment organization. Fritillaria Mary's tear is a bulbows plant in two red and yellow colors and several years old which is main attractive of this plain for visitors. Flowering time of this plant in this place is May to June. Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province is main growing point of this species of Fritillaria but in Fereidoon Shahr, Oqlid, west of Isfahan, Khonsar city and Bouein Maindasht region also this plant is available.

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Flowering time of this plant, besides it’s beauty is short and re origin of this plant is only by it’s bulb if not picked and remained seed capsule in soil. Hence, tourists are recommended not to pick flowers. Access to this plain is easy and it has tourism facilities. Generation of fritillaria is threaded to be declined because of ignoring some observation by visitors and it need to be prevented by more accurate planning and management.

Koohrang tunnel waterfall

  Is located in Chelgard 115 km from Sharekord

This waterfall is flowing within first Koohrang tunnel's route. It’s height is about 50m. This tunnel developed in 1332 to transfer water of Koohrang spring and other spring at that to Zayandehrood river, it means that it’s water not to join Karoon river and change route to Zayandehrood river. Koohrang tunnel's waterfall which is generated of water flows in this tunnel how along a slope downwards.

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Contributations to transfer this water supply return to a long time ago. At Safvid era, attemps to develop a gap in mountain and transferring water lead in vain. This gap now is seen near tunnel and is itself an historical attractiveness of this region. This place due to vicinity to Chelgard pist is also visited in winter time by tourists. Around this waterfall a suitable recreational space is available for visitors. Facilities and utilities of this attractive place are asphalt access road, potable water, restrooms, green space, alcoves and easy access to residential and host units.

Sheik Ali Khan waterfall

  Is located in 5 km of Chelgard in Center of Koohrang in 150 km of Sharekord in Sheikh Ali village

This region is one of the summer time districts in province and has pleasant climate in spring and summer and cold one in winters. Sheikh Ali Khan's village has been natural habitat of tribes in summer where gradually changed to be permanent village. During some periods of year when temperature is very low, waterfalls water freezes and develops very beautiful scenes. Height of waterfall is more than 10m.

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The best season for visiting this waterfall is spring and early summer. unfortunately there is not any facilities and utilities of tourism around this place. Chamma ice cave is an attractive place at vicinity of this waterfall, but it’s route is dusty and it needs one hour walk to cave.

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