Population: 2,5 million

Gilan is located along the Caspian Sea. In the west of the province of Mazandaran, east of the province of Ardabil, and north of the provinces of Zanjan and Qazvin. It also borders the Republic of Azerbaijan in the north, as well as Russia across the Caspian Sea. The northern part of the province is part of territory of South (Iranian) Talysh. At the center of the province is the main city of Rasht. Other towns in the province include Astara, Astanehe Ashrafiyyeh, Fuman, Lahijan, Langrud, Masouleh, Manjil, Rudbar, Roudsar, Shaft, Talesh, and Soumahe Sara. The main harbor port is Bandare Anzali (previously Bandare Pahlavi).

Roodkhan Castle

  Is located in 25 km southwet of Fouman in Grourap region

Date of castle's construction returns to Saljuk era, however the whole structure has not developed in a time and also repaired at different periods of history. This castle had been under control of regional governors of Esshahjwand Kings. It’s name comes after a river where is placed beside castle. It also called" thousand step" castle. Area of castle is 2.2 (two and two tenths) hectares and encompasses throughout surface of mountain. Architectural form of castle is irregular and consisted of west and east parts. It’s surrounding barrier wall where is developed by natural phenomena of mountain shape is guarded by 44 towers. height of it’s walls depend of position is from 3 to 10m.

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This huge structure is built by using rubble stone and brick where for some pats cut stone and mortar of lime and gypsum also are used. This monument has 2 citadel and 16 guard houses. Western part where is larger part of castle has 12 entrances, citadel, cistern and, the main entrance gate of castle is located at its north side where has two huge towers at both sides. Its epigraph still is preserved in Rasht museum. There were military facilities and prison at eastern part of castle. This part has separate entrance. This structure was registered in Iran's national relics list in 1354 S.H.

Historic City Of Massouleh

  Is located in 26 km southwest of Fouman in 65 km southwest of Rasht

Earthenware's of fifth to sixth centuries A.H. have been found in old Massouleh where is located 6 km north west of Massouleh, that indicate historical oldness of this village. But about 800 years ago, old massouleh because of unknown reason was abandoned and people decided to live current location of Massouleh. This city is placed within thick mountainous jungles where surrounding nature gives a special beauty to the city. Considering mountainous condition of region it has cold winters and temperate summers. City has 350 residential houses and multi-level architectural form. Most of the houses are two storeys,

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However, there also are four storey houses. Special feature of this configuration is vicinity of houses and observing to be compliance with ground topography. City bazaar by having 120 outlets is in four level height and main passage ways of city are lead to bazaar. There is not any possibility for vehicles to enter city. This city registered in Iran's national relics in 1351 S.H.

Historic Tissue Of Lahijan City

  Is located in 45 km from Rasht

This historical city where has stems to Parthian civilization has had a lot of tops and downs in different periods of history. at Parthian era, there was a castle named Kohandezh at distance of 6 km to current city and it was functional up to Mongolian invasion, then after this castle was ruined. This city was one of the important centers of producing silk and still this profession preserves itself beside tea plantation. by considering oldness of city, there are many historic monuments and relics within historical tissue of city where the most important ones are four kings complex, Golshan hammam, Lahijan principal mosque, Gaboneh quarter, Akbariyeh mosque, sacred tomb of Peer Ali.

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However, the Lahijan city also has several natural attractive nesses such as Devil mountain, green roof, pond of Lahijan, Lahijan gondola lift, Baasat park (National garden), Mirsafa forest park, Amir Kelayeh international swamp and Soustan swamp.

Museum Of Gilan Rural Heritage

  Is located in 18 km of Rasht and Qazvin road in jungle park of Saravan

Area of the whole district is 263 hectares and of museum is 45 hectares, construction of this museum was started in 1384 S.H. in order to preserve mundane and moral heritages of Gillan province. In this plan, 35 distinct structures of Gillan province from different regions were identified, disassembled and again assembled in museum site. One of the most difficult stages of construction was related to procedures of disassembling and reassembling of structures components. Only by considering that wood was primary material in building Gillan's traditional houses, this plan implementation was possible.

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One of the main purposes was revitalizing moral heritages where in this museum ordinary tradition life is going on to provide visitors watching traditional life and some ceremonies in this place. up to this date, 23 residential houses, 3 tea houses, 2Kandooj, 1 assembly hall, 1 mosque, 1 ironsmith work shop, 1traditional coal making furnace, entrance structure and house of researchers of this complex is registered in Iran's national relics list.

Mirza Kouchak Jungle Tomb

  Is located in south of Rasht

Mirza Kouchak Jungli where has born and named Youness in 1298 A.H. in Rasht. He was one of freedom supporters of constitutional era in Iran. Who conducted military operations against Russians, British and Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar dictatorship. But, penetration of procommunists in high rank authorities of movement and their betray against Jungle movement, causes Mirza and his faithful friends after Reza Khan governorment forces attack make jungle to be their sheltr. Finally, because of cold wather snow and sleet of Gillva mountains and betray of his local guide, Mirza demised. His enemies cut his head off and take as gift for Reza Khan.

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After a period of time, one of his friends attempted to take his head from Tehran's Hassan Abad cemetery to Rasht and buried beside his body. He has a great reputation and resort near Gillan's society. His tomb has been repaired in 1360.H.on 1st december of every year, a ceremony holds at his tomb in Soleiman Darab cemetery of Rasht.

Region Of White Lily (Luster Lily)

  Is located in 45 km of Loshan in jungles of Damash in Roodbar

This small district with area of 6000 m2 is unique natural place of white lily flower in Iran where was identified as national natural relic in Iran's organization of environment protection. This region is a genetically reservoir of rare species of white lily or luster Lilly, as mentioned by scholars. White lily is one of the rare species of lily flower which has height of about 1m. because this flower is opened inverted and is white, it’s form an appearance same as luster and is called luster Lilly.

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This specie of Lilly flowers unless in a small village named Damash and Lankaran region in Republic of Azerbaijan is not found in any place of earth. Beauty and glory of significant white Lilly flowers in June attract nature supporters to this region. Elder berry, nettle, violet, fern, dandelion and wild clover are flora species of this region.

Sarv Harzvill

  Is located in 15 km from Manjil in Herzoiil village

This village is an ancient place with oldness of 1000 years. Sarv Harzvill is a cedar tree where has different places such as Shiraz cedar and Kashi cedar. It’s height is 25m. oldness of this tree is more than 1000 years and it name is mentioned in Nasser Khusrau itinerary. Tomb of Agha Seyyd Mohmood Marandi and tomb of Imam's son Ibrahim where are places of respect by people located at this village.

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The most threatening factor for this tree is concrete works around that and also religious beliefs of people in hammering coin on it’s stem and branches and tying ribbons. This cedar tree is registered in national natural relics of Iran's organization of environment protection list.

Soubatan Summer Location

  Is located in 36 km northwest of Talesh in Ardebil border

This summer time location also similar to many places in North Alborz heights has a mountainous access road with forest green coverage but at highlands has very beautiful plain without forests and an agreeable natural environment. Region's residents use these places in summer time while most of them are people of Lissar district who enter this region in spring and reside here up to early autumn and their economy source is animal husbandry and have sheep. In spring and autum, the multitude of nature interested people come to this region to enjoy pleasant climate and beautiful nature.

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Naoor lake is near to Soubatan but it’s route is not suitable for light vehicles &local guide also is needed. There is also a route from Khalkhal to access this region, where this track also is not proper. The best access road to Soubatan is from weekends due to multitude traffic and people; take your foodstuff with yourself.

Anzali Swamp

  Is located next to Anzaly and Abkenar

This is one of the most beautiful marine sceneries of Gillan.its area at rain season is 150 hectares where in summer reduces. This swamp is mains' spawning location, especially for whitefish and habitat and biosphere of native and migrating birds. There are more than 100 species of birds, 50 species of fish and hundreds species of fauna and flora are available in this swamp where because of this, is considered as one of the most important swamps in the world and is registered at Ramsar convention in 1354 S.H. This place is the most significant supply and proliferation of caviar and osseous fish of Caspian sea.

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It’s water is fresh and from south many rivers that flow within Alborz range of mountains pour to this swamp. Distinct birds of this region variety of swans, ducks, sea sparrows, gull birds, sea hawk, white tail and variety of by sea living birds. There are many beautiful isles in this swamp. Water lotus of this swamp is it’s particular feature. Distant of this place to Rasht is 40 km. There is numerous factors which threaten this swamp survival.

Wissadar Waterfall

  Is located in 15 km of Pare Sar in Paresara Aredeh road along to jungle road to Lamir village

Origin of this waterfall is Lamir River and is one of the recreational places in province. Height of waterfall is about 20m and it’s greatness andbeauty can be seen at above a metal bridge.

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Location of this waterfall at thick jungles and beautiful road which ended to waterfall is prime features of this natural relic. Distance of Parehsar to Rezawanshahr is 17 km.

Londovill Wildlife Shelter

  Is located in 2 km of Astra

Region is limited from south to Londovill city, from north to Astara city, from east to Caspian Sea and from west to Astara Londovill road. Area of this region is more than 1074 hectares. This region was announced protected zone in 1352 S.H. average height of this zone is 20m lower than Sean level. This region is a unique example of hyrcanian steppe forests with shrubs coverage such as wild pomogronade and wild plum. About one third of its area is occupied by ponds, natural water barriers and swamps.

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This shelter is consisted of diversified marine and dry biospheres for animals 125 fauna species were identified in this zone and most important ones are yellow deer, Iran gizelle, brown bear , ordinary fox, boar, water martenmbadger, Caspian sea seal, jackal,tufted duck, Cygnus, oriole, olor swan, numenius curlew different duck species, heron, pintail, small and big comorants, eagle, gull, sterna caspia, sandiper finch, pheasant and crane. Problems of this region are littering and storage of garbage's inside this zone.

National Park Of Boujagh

  Is located near Kian shahr port 26m lower than sea

This park is limited to Caspian sea from north, to Bandar Kiashahr city from south, to AmirKiasar village and Iran's radio and Television facilities from east and from west to Oshmak river. This place has been registered as shore and offshore national park in Ramsar convention. Amongst it’s flora species are reed, typha, elderberry, lemna, trapa (natans), myriophyllum , ceratophyllum, lavender, sporangium, tamarix shrub, adler, pomogronade, bulk of man planted needle shaped leaves trees such as cedar and grass coverage including acutus and raspberry bushes.

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Boujagh swamp is of best locations to watch birds. Distinct birds of this region are falcon, different ducks.Collaed glareola and a diversity of water fowls and wet land fowls. One of the attractive nesses of this swamp is wooden bridge where is constructed between swamp and sea with 1 km length. Bandar kiashahr is located at 52 km distance to Rasht city.

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