Population: 0,58 million

Ilam is a city in and the capital of Ilam Province, Iran and the third biggest kurdish city in Iran. The Kabir Kuh mountain range lies east of the city. From the west it borders Iraq. The city is populated by Kurds and its primary language is Kurdish. Like many other regions of Iran the architecture in Ilam includes traditional and contemporary periods. The Governor Castle, Falahaty Mansion and The Mirgholam Castle are examples of some surviving traditional buildings in Ilam. The courtyard dwelling is the main type of the buildings of this period. This type of building was accepted as the main building type over all Iran for both climatic and cultural reasons. Brick is the main constructional material in these buildings. The passive thermal techniques indicated for the Iranian traditional buildings are commonly used in these buildings. The Governor Castle of Ilam was built in type of courtyard. Adding shade and moisture by using green landscape, high trees and a pond, were the main passive techniques used in this building to reduce the temperature in summer. The Mirgholam Castle of Ilam presents a classic Iranian courtyard. The garden and the pound were the main elements of this type of buildings. Heavy showers or snow in the winter and dusty, brutally hot, dry weather in the summer are normal for this region.

Siah Gav Twin lake

  Is located in 9 km of Abdanan in Abdanan and dehloran raod in Siah Gav vllage

This lakes are two circular shaped water base located 70m far from each other and a natural canal links those together. Origins of lakes water are sources which are located at the bottom of the larger lake. Mentioned lakes have fresh and clear water where it’s depth is about 20m. Water flow from the large lake to the smaller one and its overflow enters proximate lands in shape of a spring.

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Surrounding environment of this place is mountainous, which is very beautiful in spring time.

Castle Valley

  Is located in Pasdaran street of Iilam

This castle is one of the important monuments of Qajar era that was constructed by Ghollam Reza Khan Vally in 1326 A.H. at the top of a hill named Chaghamirag the total area of the castle is 2500m and built area of the castle is 1500 m2. The building has a large central courtyard where the structures around it are at three east, west and north sides which are built with brick, stone and gypsum.

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This building has numerous parts such as Harem, dais, mirror room and jail at the basement. At each side of the monument, two basements are built. The castle has three entrance gates at east, west and south parts while the main gate is located at southern part and other gates are private. Currently, this building is used as the museum of an thropology.

Konjancham Castle

  Is located in 20 km of illam in Ilam and Mehran

This building was built in 1326 A.H. under the order of last governor of Ilam named Gholamreza Khan Abu Ghadereh and has been used as govenor’s winter castle. The building has a square from with 4 tower and interconnected chambers and rooms, a hammam and guard’s tower. Behind southern sequence of rooms of castle, there is a structure including the hammam.

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This part of the castle consisted of three rooms, a private vestibule and reservoir of hammam which it’s water is maintained by canal and clay water pipes. This relic is registered in list of Iran’s national relics.

Ilam dam lake

  Is located in 2 5km south of Ilam in Ilam and Mehr near Emma village

This dam is built on Kanjan Cham river and maintaining Ilam city water. Around the lake, chestnut trees of Zagross mountains expanded with a beautiful and intatct natural environment.

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There are not any facilities for visitors around the lake, but due to vicinity to Ilam and natural beautiful scenes it became a recreational distinct.

Manesht and Ghalarang protected zone

  Is located in Ilam and Sarableh road northof Ilam

This location is main entrance of this protected zone, however, there are also derivative entrances from other parts of protected zone. There is not any villagers residential places inside this zone, but some villages formed around this region relying on agriculture and ranch economy. Region’s topography is consisted of mountainous and deles having deep valleys, where chestnut jungles of Zagross mountains cover valleys very beautifully.

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The zone has not any permanent river and some seasonal rivers and springs are it’s water sources. Amongst this zone mammals are capra and goat, broom bear, panther, porcupine and chipmunk. Birds of prey such as falcons, vultures, falconi forms, partridge and see-see partridge are available in this zone. As resort and recreational places within this zone, it’s best to point to Dalab strait, Arghavan strait, chehelstoon cavern, Abdalan caverin. Meanwhile, there are species of flowers such as fritillaria also found in some points of this zone.

Siahkal fire temple

  Is located in 15 km southwest of Sartang village in Kangir river lne in marivan

This building belongs to Sassanian era and is one of the intact temples of this province. Materials such as rubble stone and semi-treated gypsum are used in this construction.

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This construction has square form which is integrated in built and consisted of four pillars with one dome as a whole.

Gavmishan bridge

  Is located in 7 km west from Dareshahr in Gavmishan region

This bridge is constructed over Seimareh river after this river crosses Kashkan river. This historical bridge was built at Sassanian era and has been repaired at some courses of time such as Safvid and Qajar reign. This structure has 175m length and its passing way width is 8m and 20 cm.

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Material of it’s constructed are rubble stone, brick and half treated gypsum. In building the main columns of it’s foundation, large stone blocks were also used.

Seimareh ancient city

  Is located in southwest of Dareshahr

It’s a historical city which was constructed at Sassanian era and wase lively even at early centuries after Islam. Two times earthquakes occurred at this city location. One in 257 A.H. when the city was semi demolished and repaired again, another serious earthquake occurred in 334 A.H. When the city was demolished and completely abandoned. This ancient site has about 200 hectare area and is a registered national relic.

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This city is also candid to entitle as enlisted UNESCO world’s relics. After 9 excavation seasons in this ancient city site some remants such as mansion house, mosque with beautiful cornices carvansarai building and small houses of suburbans have been investigated. Existence of several structured as fire temple, castle forts and historical from bridges such as Gavmishan bridge which are remained from Sassanian era demonstrate importance and significance of this city at that time.

Hot springs of Dehloran city

  Is located in 5 km east of Dehloran

Water temperature of these springs reach to 500C and is classified as very hot waters. In a chemical view, this hot spring is sulfureous which has healing properties for dermatologic facilities and arthralgia or muscular pains, hydrotherapy facilities are limited but sludge treatment pools are beside the lake. Water of springs are used for irrigation of down lands after getting cold.

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Other attractivenesses of this lakes’s vicinity is tar springs of Dehloran city. Tar is boiling and following along with water from depth of earth and these are abundance of tar around these springs. Bat’s cave are also located at vicinity of Dehloran’s hot springs.

Zinehgan cave

  Is located in 45 km of Ilam in 5 km southeast of Saleh Abad

Length of this cave is 1 km. this cave with water preserving corridors, numerous icicles and natural downpipes is one of the tourism attractivenesses of this province. Since this cave is located in Mehran city that has warm climate, different of temperature between inside and outside of the cave is 500C.

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Because of this locals call this cavern "the paradise cave" Water’s hardness of this cave is one which means it can be used for drinking.

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