Iran, A middle-eastern
country with an ancient history


Iran, also known as Persia (official name: the Islamic Republic of Iran) is located in West-Asia and shares land borders with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. It is bordered to the south by the Persian Gulf and to the north by the Caspian Sea. Tehran is the capital city and largest city and urban area of Iran. The current population of Iran is around 80 million people. With an area of 1648.000 square kilometres Iran is almost 40 times bigger than the Netherlands and ranked the eighteenth largest nation in the world.

Art and Culture

Iran is one of the oldest nations in the world with lots of artistic treasures from its pre-islamitic and islamitic existence. Iran has an ancient rich culture which finds its origin in the Persian empire. Iranian art includes many disciplines such as architecture, calligraphy, painting, weaving, pottery, stone masonry and much more. Iran has many cultural higlights of priceless beauty such as the Achaemenid reliefs in the old town of Perspolis to the modern bridge that has recently been built in Tehran (pol-e-tabiat). The poetry in Iran has flourished more than a millenium and is highly regarded and emulated in many countries outside of Iran. It has many world-known poets like Hafez, Rumi and Ferdosi. During the excursion you will get to know this variety of art and culture in person.

Clothing requirements

Women in Iran are mandated to wear non fitting clothes that does not accentuate their curves. Wearing a scarf is also mandatory. You can wear non fitted clothes till your hips with a long pants, jeans or long skirt underneath. Sandals and flip flops are permitted. Due to the hot weather we recommend you to wear cool materials like linnen. Men should wear long trousers. Short trousers are prohibited. You can wear short sleeves. Also flip flops and sandals are permitted. Both men and women should not wear any clothing that contain visible American flags. The Iranian men and women are very modern and nicely dressed. For a good impression of what to wear during the trip we recommend you to have a look at our photogallery.


The official language of Iran is Farsi, also known as Persian. However, the country has a variation of dialects and accents throughout the different cities.


Iran has one of the most detailed cuisines in the world. Herbs and rice are the basic ingredients of most dishes. For the vegeteraians there is also some choices. A lot of the ingredients that are used are organic as there is a lot of production in Iran. Importation to Iran is very limited.


Iran has a colorful and divers landscape. The great part of Iran is covered by high plateaus and mountain ranges but it also has major lowlands. Iran has a hot and dry climate characterized by long, hot, dry summers and short cool winters. The temperatures in the summer can get to 40o C or more but the heat is bearable because of the low humidity.


Basically, there are no vaccinations required. However, vaccinations against hepatitis A, typhoid and DTP are recommended. Consult your doctor ahead of time and/ or contact the GGD for the latest information or visit

Time difference

The time difference between Iran and the Netherlands is 2,5 hours. (In transition time 3,5 hours)

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