Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad

Population: 0,7 million

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province is one of the thirty-one provinces of Iran . It is in the south-west of the country , in Iran’s Region 2 , and its capital is Yasuj. The people mainly speak Lurish language. The province is mostly mountainous in terrain , part of the Zagros range . The highest point is the Dena summit with a height of 4,409 meters . The mountain range of Dena , with more than 20 elevations and over 4000 meters high above the sea level is in fact, the great Himalayas in miniature. The mountain range, which is located in Kohgiluyeh va Buyer Ahmad province, is covered with oak forests. Natural springs, singing of the birds and fresh air fascinate all lovers of nature.

Old city of Dehdasht Shapourblad

  Historical city of Dehdasht or Belade Shapour is located in southeast of modern city if Dehdasht in Kohkiloye and Boyer Ahmad

This civic tissue with area of about 45 hectares has oldness up to Sassanian era. This city has been founded by "first Shapour" son of "First Artaxerxes". However, this city had good functionality at Safavid era. Some relics of Qajar also are found in this region. There are relics of tower and ramparts of around city, old citadel, mosques, hammams, carvansarai, place of worship inside this complex.

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This city has had some residents even till 200 years ago, where gradually became abandoned. It’s historical hammam, carvansarai, tombs and two mosques have been repaired. This old city is registered in list of Iran’s national relics.

Kheirabad historical complex

  This historical complex is located in 50 km of dogonbadan in center of Gachsaran city

This complex is consisted of four arches structure, Kheiri bridge Sassanian Bridge. The most important one is Keir Abaa four arches. Oldness of this relic returns to Sassanian era. Kheirabad is a region including several villages where around these villages, some structures of Sassanian era are remained. Four arches of Kheirabad: is located in Deh Nasser village. Oldness of this fire temple returns to Sassanian era.

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This structure is built in a rectangular form where each side of it’s 11m by using gypsum stone. At the top of these four pillars, there had been a dome but today there is not any trace of that. This structure was one of the Zoroastrian's fire temples where currently has historical value also is pilgrim location for Zoroastrians.

Charam Belkis spring garden

  Is located in 5 km south of Charam City in Charam and Dogonbadan road next to Kore Shahbazi village

Area of this garden is 38960 and different species of trees have been planted in this garden. Garden is very green pleasant where one of the recreational places in the province is. The most important element in this interesting place is it’s spring of inside where water of that is collected into a pond with 10m diameter and depth of 1.5m and after it’s spillover flows through garden, pours to Fashion river.

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According to some historical literatures, this garden has been constructed at late era of Sassanian by order if a woman whose name was Belkis. There are tourism facilities in this garden and every year attracts many interested ones from this province and other provinces.

Koohgol lake

  Is located in 8 km northeast of Sisakht and 44 km of Center of province

Region’s topography is mountainous and has a unique beauty in spring summer. This lake is host of birds such as duck goose, green head duck, stork, heron, crane and gypsy cock in summer time. Area of lake is half a hectare it’s maximum depth is 15m. The lake is located at 1 km distance from recreational camping site of Koohgol. Another attractiveness of this lake is fritillaria plain salt strait waterfall.

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There are some platforms around lake and rest rooms also available for travelers’ convenience. May is the best time of year to visit this lake which has a suitable access road.

Soulak strait embossed patterns

  Is located in 12 km of lilak in Tang Soulak

Oldness of these embossed patterns returns to 299 A.D. and Alimaei Kings of Parthian era. These embossed patterns was introduced and remarked by Baron Debed who was first secretary of Czar Russia embassy in Mohammad Shah Qajar for the first time in January, 1841 A.D. In narrow valley of Soulak, there are more than twelve scenes are carved of surfaces of four huge stone.

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These Carvings state different issues such as taking power ring and royal crown from Gods, horse riders’ tight, king’s hunting, ceremonies admission of guests. There are many very old cedar trees.

Marin village

  Is located in 40 Km north of Gachsaran in Dale village

Because of mountainous conditions of region, this village has multi level structure. It’s temperate agreeable climate in this hot climate province makes the place a summer time location in province. Shah Bahram river flow nearby this village. Village’s water is supplied by springs which have mineral healing features. It’s worth pointing to respected tomb of BiBi Hammideh Khatoon (PBUH) daughter of Imam.

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This village has many orchards such as pomegranate, sweet lemon grapes and also forests of oak, almond turpentine. Kossar dam is located at distance of 17 km to Marin village. Royal route of Shoush to Takhte Jamshid Bishapour at Achaemenid era passed at distance of 7 km off this village and because of this. Marin village has historical value in Iran’s villages.

Kreek village

  Is located in 25 km of Yasouj 15 km of Sisakht in Yasouj and Sisakht road in extention road of Kerik village

This beautiful mountainous village also has multi level structure. It’s a recreational village in the region where some alcoves, suits and one traditional café teria, rest rooms, anthropology museum are developed in it’s limits. Kreek river flows through village.

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Other attractivenesses of this village are 4 courts, of levee, Imam’s sons Asgar Isac inside village and mausoleums of both Imams’ sons Ali (PBUH) and Shah Naamatollah near village. This village is placed at foot of Denna Mountain, thus is one of the tracks of ascending this peak.

Yasooj waterfall

Is located in 3 km north of Yasouj in Yasouj Sisakht in strait

Origin of this waterfall is springs of upper levels of it and water supply of city is also maintained the same. Height of waterfall is about 12m and it’s one of the most important natural and tourism attractiveness’s.

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There are beautiful mountainous jungles around this waterfall where have very beautiful sceneries. Suitable landscape of around the spring is also of it’s capabilities to make many travelers to visit the location at spring summer. It has asphalt access road.

Tamoradi strait waterfall

  Is located in 50 km west Yasouj in Yasouj and Dougonbadan Gachsaran road in extention road of Sepidar

This strait is very beautiful where located in a mountainous atmosphere with Zagross’s mountain jungles cover age and a lot of pleasant sceneries. Region has beautiful moss coverage. However, the same strait has several other waterfalls at upper levels where some of them are seasonal.

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The best season to visit this region is from early spring to summer. It has an agreeable access road mountainous. Although, this location has high capability for recreational purposes, but has not any welfare facilities for travelers. Assali Balout spring is another interesting element of around this waterfall.

Zeillaei yellow banana lake

  Is located in 135 km north west in Yasouj and Bardegan road near Khozestan

Area of this lake is 14 hectares and it has depth of 7 to 14 m. Lake is located inside a where is surrounded by lime stone mountain. Origin of this lake is surrounding springs and flowing waters within the strait. Migrating birds of this lake are duck, green head goose, stork, heron, crane, gypsy cock and coot. Some marine life is available in this lake which the most important is ordinary carp fish.

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There are oak and haw thorn forests around the lake. It’s access road is conventional and is one of recreational places of province.

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