Practical Information

What you need to know before traveling to Iran

Iran is (not) yet a prevailing tourism destination and therefore preparations might be more important than you are used to. On this page you can find all the practical information for a safe but adventurous trip to Iran.


The official currency is Rial. The prices are indicated with Rial but orally stated as Thoman. This is the Rial divided by ten. For example 100.000 Rial is 10.000 Thoman. Please note that it’s not possible to pay by pin in Iran. Creditcards are also not accepted in most cities. If you want to bring extra money for yourself make sure it’s cash. We advise you to bring € 50,- euro or dollar bills in order to easily change them.

   Taking Pictures

Do ask for permission in case you would want to take pictures of the locals. It’s prohibited to take pictures of government buildings, military buildings and the military.

   Tips to take a long

●  Programbook Persintravel
●  A copy of your passport
●  A copy of your travel insurance
●  Your Medicines (if used)
●  A copy of your medication list
●  Enough cash money for your
    personal spendings
●  Little backpack
●  Alarm clock
●  World plugs
●  Good walking shoes
    ( sneakers and / or sandals)
●  Sunglasses, cap or hat
●  Sunscreen
●  Light clothes (thin material)
●  Mosquito repellent
●  Swimsuit
●  Flip flops- Scarf, shawl  
    (mandatory for women)
●  Sweater / vest
●  Camera
●  No alcohol
    (Alcohol is strictly prohibited)

   Clothing Requirments

Women in Iran are mandated to wear non fitting clothes that does not accentuate their curves. Wearing a scarf is also mandatory. You can wear non fitted clothes till your hips with a long pants, jeans or long skirt underneath. Sandals and flip flops are permitted. Due to the hot weather we recommend you to wear cool materials like linnen. Men should wear long trousers. Short trousers are prohibited. You can wear short sleeves. Also flip flops and sandals are permitted. Both men and women should not wear any clothing that contain visible American flags. The Iranian men and women are very modern and nicely dressed. For a good impression of what to wear during the trip we recommend you to have a look at our photogallery.


Iran has a colorful and divers landscape. The great part of Iran is covered by high plateaus and mountain ranges but it also has major lowlands. Iran has a hot and dry climate characterized by long, hot, dry summers and short cool winters. The temperatures in the summer can get to 40o C or more but the heat is bearable because of the low humidity.

   Time Difference

The time difference between Iran and the Netherlands is 2,5 hours. (In transition time 3,5 hours)

   Number of participants

Organised group trips by Persintravel have a minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 travellers. There is no limit for the number of travellers when they book a trip as a group. Individual trips can be booked from 1 person.

   Phone & Internet

You can use the phones in all of the hotels. Calling with your mobile phone is also possible. While traveling through the cities you may experience a weaker signal than normal. If you wish to use your mobile phone during your stay we would advise you to retrieve information on the possibilities and the expenses with your provider. In most of the hotels there is free wifi.


For this excursion we will introduce a tipbox where we will put in a couple of euros a day per person. The tourguides will pay all the tips from this box so you will not be bothered with this during the trip.

   Flight ticket

The flight tickets are included from the excursion that we offer
●  IranAir
●  Turkish Airlines
●  Austrian


The excursions and the hotels are subject to changes.

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