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Perintravel General Terms & Conditions 

These general terms and conditions of Persintravel (trademark: Persintravel) are written to inform you about your rights and duties concerning your trip to Iran.

Article 1. Booking & Terms of payment

Within 7 days after Persintravel confirmed the trip, the traveller will receive an invoice.
The customer is obliged to do a deposit of at least 20% of the total costs on the bank account of Persintravel. Only then the booking will be seen as definitive by Persintravel.

Maximum 12 weeks before departure a deposit of 50% has to be made and maximum 6 weeks before departure the total sum of all the costs has to be transferred to the bank account of Persintravel. To make it easier for out travellers, we also write down these terms of payment on the invoice. For excursions or trips that are being booked less than 6 weeks in advance, the total costs have to be transferred within 7 days after booking. In case Persintravel didn’t receive the money within these terms, Persintravel can cancel the booking. In this case the cancellation policy as stated in article 2 applies.

Group trips are automatically definitive if at least 6 people book the trip. In case there are less than 6 travellers, the trip will only continue if all travellers confirm they agree with the new number of travellers and the adjusted price based on this smaller number of travellers. 

Article 2. Cancellation policy

Cancellation has to be done written by sending and e-mail to  contact@persintravel.com.
The cancellation date is the date at which Persintravel received the e-mail. In case of cancellation the following costs apply:

 - From the moment the trip has been confirmed by Persintravel until 42 days before departure: 25% of the total costs
- From 42 to 28 days before departure: 50% of the total costs
- From 28 to 21 days before departure: 75% of the total costs
- If you want to cancel less than 21 days before departure you will pay the total costs.

In case the airplane tickets have already been booked, the costs for cancelling this will apply to the traveller on top of the above mentioned costs. 

Article 3. Travel costs

The costs as mentioned in the program and quotation are per person and include only those services that are stated there. In case the traveller wants to change the offered program, he can ask for the by e-mail. Persintravel will do their best to meet those wishes. The costs that are needed to implement those changes are obliged to be paid by the traveller.

The costs of the travel program are based on the prices, exchange rates and taxes on the moment the program is being made. Persintravel has the right to raise the price in case there is a radical raise in prices. The traveller will be notified as soon as possible, by e-mail. The traveller has the right to cancel without any costs within 10 days by e-mail, if the increase of the price is more than 10%.

Article 4. Implementation

We do our best to implement the trips according to what can be expected. Before departure the customers get a program in which they can read all information. Persintravel expects travellers to stay with the group at all time and to follow the program. In case someone wants to deviate from this, it has to be in agreement with Persintravel. Because of our destination, the trips have an adventurous character.

Plans can change during the season. For example visa requirements can be adjusted, there can be a sudden tax change etc. If things are really different than what you expected from the information you received, please let us know during the trip, so that we can search for a solution right away. It is possible to depart on a different date than planned and to join the group later. To be at the right place at the right time is your own responsibility. The price of the plane tickets will be deducted from the total sum.

Persintravel is open to discuss all option with their travellers, but all agreements must be stated written in an e-mail to Persintravel. For travellers who book the total package, Persintravel is completely responsible for all transportation, which means the flights as well as the transfers in Iran. We expect from our travellers that they have read the information on our website and that there are informed about rules regarding visa, insurances, vaccinations and the rules regarding clothes and customs in Iran

Article 5. Group size

For our group trips we have a minimum of 6 travellers and a maximum of 16. In case there are less travellers who book the trip, we will inform the other customers as soon as possible and no later than 3 weeks before the date of departure. In case the trip cannot continue, full refund will be offered. The minimum and maximum number of travellers is flexible and in some cases Persintravel holds the right to deviate from this.

Article 6. Duties of the travel organization

Persintravel is responsible for a good implementation of the trip according to the agreement. This means that the expectations the travel organization has set by the traveller have to be implemented. When evaluating this, one must keep in mind the following: that the trips have an adventurous character, the local circumstances, customs and the limitations in the country.

The travel organization is not responsible for damage as a consequence of: shortcomings in the implementation of the agreement because of health of the traveller, circumstances that cannot be blamed on the organization, force majeure situations such as changes in the flight schedule, war, natural disasters, strikes, political situation, theft, loss, damage because of sickness of the traveller, damage that is covered by travel insurances, cases by which the traveller violates the law of the country where he is etc. 

Article 7. Commitments of the traveller

The traveller is obliged to express personal circumstances (such as illness, disability, age) that can influence the implementation of the trip at the moment of registration. The traveller is obliged to follow all instructions of the organization and guide at all times, in order to make the implementation of the trip as good as possible. The traveller is responsible for damage in case he or she doesn’t follow those instructions. In case the traveller causes a big burden on the trip or endangers the other travellers in the group, exclusion will be an option. All costs that are concerned with that will be paid by the traveller. If there are complaints, the traveller should first go to the guide before taking any other action.

taking any other action.

Article 8. Information on our website

On our website there is a description of our trips, which is as detailed as possible. However, travellers cannot claim anything according to that. The information can change at any time, but this will not have major consequences for the traveller.

Article 9. Travel documents

At the time of departure, the traveller needs to possess all obligatory travel documents, such as a passport and a visa. For all trips it is obligatory to have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months after your return in your home country. If a traveller doesn’t comply to these obligations, he or she is responsible for the costs of the and he or she might not be able to be part of the trip. Information about the visa will be given by the travel organization, but at all time the traveller needs to check this.

Article 10. Travel insurance

Persintravel is not responsible for loss of theft during the trip, costs because of illness or any kind of other unexpected matters. The traveller is obliged to have a travel insurance, so that the travel organization can give all the possible help in case of emergency. We also recommend to have a cancellation insurance. 

Article 11. Force majeur

Changes in the flight schedule and timetables can influence the travel time and the scheme. The traveller does not have the right for refund because of those changes. It is also not possible for the traveller to demand compensation as a consequence of delays. In case the delays and/or changes extend the trip, the extra costs are the responsibility of the traveller. In the case of force majeure, such as political circumstances, natural disasters, weather conditions and unexpected local conditions, all of those are part of the adventurous character of the trips, the route, accommodation and transport may deviate from the original plan.

The travel organization will at all time make sure that the original character of the trip will stay the same. In case necessary changes are known before departure, the traveller will be notified. When a trip needs to be cancelled, in case of force majeur, such as natural disasters, protests, revolution, terrorist attacks, visa refusal, political tensions, war or other incidents, the travel organization is not able to give an equivalent alternative, since the travel organization only has one country as its destination. Also, the travel organization is not responsible for financial damage as a consequence of force majeur, because the travel organization already makes costs before departure. Therefore we recommend to have an insurance which covers the above mentioned situations. 

The foundation GGTO

The foundation GGTO will guarantee that you will get back the already paid amount of your travel sum, in case the tour operator is financially incapable to do so. This can be before you leave, but also during your stay abroad. Furthermore, the foundation GGTO guarantees your to take care of your return trip, in case the tour operator is financially not able to do so. For this guarantee, the tour operator has to charge their customers a fixed amount of 15 euros for every booking. In this way the guarantee fund is being build up and maintained.


Do you have any questions or remarks, please contact us: 

Webadres: www.persintravel.com
Email address: contact@persintravel.com
Phone: +31(0) 614268342
Chamber of Commerce no: 67844081
VAT number: 230911766B01
Bank account: NL42 INGB 0007 5789 41


To make this trip a succes is not only dependent of what you see and which places you visit. Also the atmosphere in the group is determent for this and you are partly responsible for that. We ask you to take into account your fellow travellers, in a way that you expect them to do the same for you. This will have positive influence on your holiday experience.

Have fun in Iran! 

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